Bridegroom and Bride

~ 17 August 2011 ~

As time pass.. Our Taiwan Photoshoot is getting nearer..

We, by chance came by France-Paris bridal roadshow in Northpoint in March 2011. Booked the bridal package with them on the very next day and tadah! We will be flying to Taiwan for our photoshoot on 25th October and also celebrating my 29th Birthday before coming back to reality on the 1st November.

It was a long wait since we booked our flight and photoshoot, but i must say its all worth waiting. Monster has been keeping-fit to stay good in shape for the photoshoot. Trying out various hairstyles and shopping for shirts.. I have been trying hard to diet and bought a pair of shoes too.

It isnt easy to commuicate with the bridal because they cant type in english.. Thus, all emails and correspondances are via chinese.. From booking the bridal shoot dates to venues to styles to photographer and makeup artist.. Its tough but worthwhile.. =D


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